Twenty-eight years and counting: the Isley Era at Famcon

Don Isley, Waterworks Manager

Don Isley, Waterworks Manager

Oxnard, CA. 1988. Gas prices were around $.95/gal, Reagan was President, Rain Man was the #1 movie, and Don Isley first walked through the doors of Famcon Pipe as an employee. At the time, Famcon was a young company, staffed by a mere handful of driven men intent on keeping the doors open and lights on, come Hell or high water. Don came to the company with 8 years of Waterworks sales experience under his belt, making him the most experienced team member in the building. 

Now, 28 years later, Don has close to forty years of experience in the waterworks industry.  With his attention to detail, his work ethic, and strong rapport with our customers, Don Isley's contribution to the growth and success of Famcon for almost three decades cannot be understated. 

Congratulations, Don Isley! We look forward to celebrating the "gold watch" anniversary with you in a few short years!

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